Morning Ride

March 16, 2012
In the early break of day
I tiptoed to the barn,
and ever-so-slowly,
I creaked open the farmhouse gate
hearing the crunch-crunch
of hay beneath my steps.

I kneeled down
to the sleeping horse
and shook her until she awakes
feeling the thick carpet on her back
against my palms.

She raised her head slowly
and shook her mane
as if to brush off the dust from sleeping
and then up she went!
like a jack-in-the-box
and how excitedly she trotted!
to the entrance of the barn.

I started to climb on her
feeling every strong abs muscle
like a rung on a ladder
and her steel legs
moved not a single millimeter.

When I was ready,
she leapt into the air
and kissed the morning sky
then galloped, one hoof at a time,
like a drumstick strumming
to the beat of the rhythm.

We passed
through a field so green and lush,
popping with hidden treasures,
white daisies, intricate clovers,
fluffing dandelions, yellow poppies

The golden, glistening sun
dispersed its rays across that serene field,
and played peek-a-boo
as we roamed up and down the hill.

My braid untangled,
My bangs whirled
in the wind we created ourselves.

The strands of her mane swayed to and fro
Her tail trailed behind
I felt her muscles pumping
beneath her fuzzy skin.

We continued to ride in utter peace
I wish we could remain
in this magical moment forever.

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