Going Home

March 16, 2012
Mommy can you hear me?
Daddy can you see me?
Sissy do you feel me?
I'm standing right in front of you,
So is my new friend.
I met him one day in the woods.
He said his name was Jesus,
And he'd been sent to take me home.
I thought he meant home to you,
To the only place I'd ever knew.
But instead he took my hand,
And we walked towards a bright light.
Up golden stairs he lead me,
To a city guarded by pearly gates.
I asked him who lived here,
And he exclaimed our father does.
Then silently we walked,
Along a path of gold.

Inside a giant palace,
Sat a man on a throne.
His eyes lit up when he saw me,
And his booming voice rang,
"Dear child you've come home.
I've prepared you a place to stay. I'm glad you have finally made it,
For you time down there was done.
Welcome to heaven.
I see you met my only son."

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