March 19, 2012
By Luke7490 BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
Luke7490 BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Words are but a cage
For containing our wild, raw thoughts.
We grab the beasts and shove them in.
With a push, clink;
And a turn, clank;
The cage is set for travel.
We toss the key to Nowhere
And carelessly kick the darned Thing away,
And it wizzes through the atmosphere
Over to one of the tiny receptors.
It makes its way inside and the other One thinks:
"Ah, yes, indeed." 
And in that half-a-second a miracle has taken place:

Two thoughts, in two places, 
exactly the same, but different.

The author's comments:
I was up late one night and this just came to me from somewhere deep inside. I didn't want to forget it so I wrote it down. Just another random philosophical thought on the subject of life, I guess.

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