Why mother.. why?

March 16, 2012
By , Breckenridge, MN
Why.. is the question that i keep wondering. The question that i keep pondering. The question that i keep asking you, but you somehow fail to respond to. Why, dear mother, why?
Why would you keep this secret from me this long, why would you keep stringing out lie after lie after lie to him? Why wouldnt you allow him into my life mother, why?
Why are you acting this way now? Why cant you just accept the fact for once that you cant be the prison guard that you usually are in these types of situations, and that you cant control me like you usually do? Why cant you accept that i want him to be involved with me, and that i would like my other siblings, my brother and my sister that you failed to tell me about, in my life? Why dear mother, why? Why are you attaching my college carreer onto this, when it has nothing to do with it, why mother... why? I lay here, pondering at night this question... why mother? Why dont you love me? Why...

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