I am the Tree

March 16, 2012
I am the tree,
So elegant.
So wise.
I hear the song of the wind,
And the cry of the wolf.
I can see your emotions
As I stand tall,
The hate of reality
Never reaching my core.
Come carve me,
With memories,
And let me hold the past.
I am the tree,
And your story is
Etched in my bark.
I shall cradle you
When you need it.
And comfort you
With my branches.
I am the tree,
And this hate filled world
Shall never hurt me.
Share the stories
Of your pain
With me,
I promise to be patient.
Let me be the protector
You require.
I will listen,
And never judge.
I am your guardian,
Carve within my wood
The pain
That the world has caused you.

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