A Daddy's Wish

March 16, 2012
You came out wide eyed,
Soon I was rocking you to sleep,
and changing your diapers,
I vowed to you that I wouldn't let anything hurt you,
When you could walk,
you ran around the house like crazy,
As a child, you ran around the yard, and played with your cousins,
Now as a teenager, you've been dating one guy,
I'm scared he could take you away from you,
You seem so happy,
The way I wish I could make you,
I don't want to lose my baby girl,
I don't want you to ever grow up,
But you are very fast,
And I'm going to miss you,
All a daddy can wish is that is little girl finds a guy worthy of her,
but what happens when she does find a guy good enough,
A daddy's wish is for his little girl to be happy,
and right now you are happy.

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