March 16, 2012
By dancingintheflames GOLD, Kirksville, Missouri
dancingintheflames GOLD, Kirksville, Missouri
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She stood in the storm and when the wind didn't blow her away, she adjusted her sails<3

Rainbows sing of,
My heart open wide,
But innocent faces,
Wishes haunt my dreams,
Beautiful eyes cry,
Their tears forgotten,
Blank stares and broken names,
Hiding despite,
All of these unspoken things,
Sparklers burnt her,
Tiny weak fingers,
Clutching to beauty,
Scars of laughter,
Memories lost,
Do you remember,
This war I fought,
All these unspoken things,
Rip tides of regret,
Moons of mazes,
I never get through,
Prisms inside me,
Shattering from you,
Footprints of trips,
Over unspoken things,
Spiders steal hope,
Dark corners with monsters,
Silent cries,
Of his nightmares,
Shaking the floor,
Set fire to the ocean,
Swim under the surface,
Try and get a glimpse,
Of my Unspoken.

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