My Playful Pup

March 16, 2012
a streak of black
goes past my eyes,
shining bright
a dark star in the sky.
her eyes
a brown i cant describe,
surrounding her
a joyful vibe.
following me
wherever i go,
such happiness
i’ve never known.
to me
she is the number one,
my dog makes my life
seem so much fun.
like the flower itself
Lillie opened up wide,
and gave my world
a playful side.
happy as can be
secure and free,
she made the world
believe in me.
just like a stray, she used to roam
down the streets, around the bends,
with me is where she is at home
our loving bond could never end.
i hear her wishful cry,
she thinks that
i have said goodbye.
i’ll be back by the end of the day,
and we’ll continue
with our play.
my playful pup
i love her so,
i’ll never let
her soft fur go.

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