Pink Clouds

March 15, 2012
By AdultSwim PLATINUM, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
AdultSwim PLATINUM, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
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Where do you go when you drift asleep at night?
Are you a killer, a feeder, a simple-minded breeder?
Do you fall to the stars, or the one and only sun?
There is no horizon;
the illusion weighs a ton
Clenched between your palms
the steel of a sweaty gun
without it, the mystics, the fate would come undone
and life would be what you decide
but you refuse--you think you have already won
your doubt has gone, just like the sun
Hold tight,
it has changed no more than you or me;
the earth beneath our feet has spun

They always told you to reach for the stars
So why are your arms stretched out toward the heavens?
I know I probably don't stand a chance
fruitlessly re-shaping an old song and dance
one boy drowned out by the man
but I watch the sunrise
colors grow and crash like waves, collide
Again, I realize--I don't even know what I am
teary-eyed, smiling still
a boy drowned out by the man
a newborn cell in a body so grand
and I'll never even know what I am

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