no love

March 15, 2012
By poop13 BRONZE, Oromond, Florida
poop13 BRONZE, Oromond, Florida
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Every morning you pick me up still.
We make eye contact in the hallway instead of kiss.
In 5th you only talk to me if you have a question.
We still share a locker.
You call me “little thing” instead of pretty or cute.
I see you talk to other girls that are “friends.”
I’m just a “friend “now.
I still eat lunch with you in the same place.
I still wait by the locker after school for you to take me home.
When I get home I wait for you to call.
Maybe if you call, you will want to talk, hang out or even better, get back together.
But until then I wait.
One year and seven months isn’t long enough.
I want a life time.

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