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March 15, 2012
By Scarybark7 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Scarybark7 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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"I have a dream" Martin Luther King Jr.

That boy that tends to stare at me
I wonder if he likes me?
I really would prefer him not to
I’m scared of the words ”I love you”
The way he looks at me makes me not want to break his heart.
Such a nice guy.
His first love and let down so fast
I’d hate kill our so what friendship
Does he really even like me?
Is he one of those boys who just stares
Or one of the good boy friends.

At lunch,
I walk in
Seeing everyone’s eyes staring
Walking by without care
Sees him,
Walks by as she strongly pretends
That he doesn’t see her.
How could he even like me?
Hides he thoughts with an oblivious looking face.
How could he?
Why would he?
He shouldn’t like me
Because I’m to picky anyway

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