Bring Me Back

March 16, 2012
By , smithtown, NY
The swing on my old swing set continues to move.
Forwards and backwards.
I stare at it from behind my back door.
I miss the feeling of the wind blowing in my face,
That was when I was young and carefree.
Now my mind is consumed with the evils of society.
No one hears my screams,
But I need them to hear.
I want them to hear.
To bring me back to reality,
To stop this madness that’s boiling in my brain.
I just need to be back on my swing set.
I want to feel the breeze on my cheeks,
Not the tears that seem to be stained there.
Bring me back to an easier time.
Bring me back to when life was fun,
Bring me back to a time where I felt like breathing.
Bring me back to a time when I was me.

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