March 16, 2012
By lifelessbeauty GOLD, Exeter, California
lifelessbeauty GOLD, Exeter, California
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Favorite Quote:
"What's meant to be will find a way."

Pain fades, scars stay.
Do you really want that reminder day by day?
Future's dim,
Presence that seems so important will fade away.
Roses have thorns,
Reminding us all that beauty has flaws.
The baby deer learns to walk,
Reminding us all that we should keep getting up when we fall.
Stand up.
Don't give in.
The last winter snow will melt,
Reminding us that nothing lasts forever.
The baby bird will leave the nest,
Reminding us that life goes on.
The heart heals,
Reminding us that part of life is getting it broken,
And finding someone to mend it.
The writing of our forefathers lives on,
Remind us that someone will carry on our legacy.
That will we never be forgotten.
And life keeps flying by,
Reminding us that it is short and we should keep on living no matter how crazy things get.
Sometimes you have to get a little crazy.
Sometimes you have to walk on a bed of rose petals,
Be treated like a princess.
Sometimes you have to dance in the rain.
Sometimes you have to give up the thing that means so much to you,
Just to know that something better will come along.
And live each day like it's your last.
Spend all the time you can with loved ones.
Take a chance with romance.
You never know what the future holds.
Dive in and take my hand.
Be you.

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