Forever Alone

March 15, 2012
By Leps14 SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Leps14 SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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As I look out over the windy sea of sand,
As my heart starts to drop,
I realize that I am a captain of a ship
That is going nowhere.

The massive, canvas sails.
The winding, twisting streets.
The feeling of anguished loneliness.
It all seems so unreal, but yet it’s genuine.

As I lower the sails for the night.
I hear the wind singing in hushed tones.

As the sea of sand starts to clear away.
I see the sight of a mysterious object.

In the far-off distance I can faintly see
The dull image of a city on the horizon.
It is a mystical, magical mirage,
A place filled with unlimited possibilities.

But before I could get there
I would have to cross the vast, barren ocean.
I regret putting my sails down
Now that I have found a new destination.

As I look around at the deserted ship,
I realize my life is missing something.
I then wake up startled and realize I am
Alone in the middle of an endless, dusty sea.

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