The Memory of Spring

March 15, 2012
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Walking up a path
to my past

Spring is all around me
Memories flooding back
A place I slowly forgot,
but quickly remembered

My childhood home
Oh! How the days have passed
since I’ve seen this rustic fortress
And it welcomed me back

The countless hours
spent in the plush, green valley
Hearing the cool air
as it whispers songs of new life

Seeing the old curved tree
we used to climb in the spring
Sliding down the smooth bark of the trunk,
giggling as we tumbled onto the cushiony grass

Smelling the trees in bud
and inhaling the crisp, calm air
makes me stop and think
and helps me to find peace

As I look around and take in everything
the breath-taking colors of my surroundings
The brilliant purple, the vivid yellow,
and the radiant auburn and tinted blue trees

A hazy blue sky encourages the sun to emit
its glorious rays upon the tender earth
The soft, green field stretching for miles
like a vast emerald ocean

The magnificent house
that fits perfectly like a piece of a puzzle
and the dusty, brown path
trod and traveled so many times

So many memories
and feelings too strong,
too wonderful to express
I am a time capsule

Walking down a path
to my future

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