I'm Just Letting It All Out

March 15, 2012
I don't anymore. I really just don't care. I'm going to go home tonight and cry. Let it all out, just let everything out. I don't care what you think about me anymore. Because why should it matter anymore? You don't love me. Did you ever love me? Because I thought you did. I really thought you did. What was before doesn't matter, and what is to happen confuses us all. Smiles are broken and people die. Life goes on and people change. People move on and life changes. Remember when we were just so in love? Remember when we were not only in love, but best friends as well? I won't forget you, and I'll always love no matter how long our souls are separated. Distance is only a measurement, love is everything else, love is life line. Love is louder. Love is stronger. I'll keep our memories. I remember those cold winter days when is was perfect. Perfect is just a adjective, it couldn't even compare to what we had. Please don't forget me. Don't forget us. You said forever. But why have forever when we could just go back to those two weeks? That would be just enough for me...

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