I sit here thinking....

March 12, 2012
By AlyMae134 BRONZE, San Clemente, California
AlyMae134 BRONZE, San Clemente, California
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I sit here thinking,
How different it would be,
If I came back to life,
Free as I could be….
I sit here thinking,
Of the love he made me lose,
My heart is broken,
I’m already abused…
I sit here thinking,
How I could change the world,
If I could see,
And just feel good, being me….
But as I sit here thinking, I want to scream,
I’ll never be good enough,
I’ll never be a queen…
I sit here thinking,
As the blood rolls down my arm,
That I can finally be free, only being me…
I wake up the next morning,
Lying in a hospital bed,
They ruined my plans,
They caught me trying to be dead….
So I sit here thinking,
A blank look on my face,
They drug you up,
Just to get you through the day….
I don’t want to think,
With all these rules and things,
I can’t take it anymore,
I’ve been pushed here to the brink…
I sit here thinking,
That I just want to run away….

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