The Bubbles

March 12, 2012
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I couldn't take it
Couldn't bear it
It had to end

What these people called beauty
This skin deep disease
True beauty was ended to gain this
This contagious infection

Her hair grew out in ratty patches
And her face was torn apart
This was beauty?

I had to end this
At least one
From spreading this contagious disease

The woman lay face down in the water
Lone bubbles escaped the corners of her mouth

I tried to help her now
But couldn't move
I tried to run away
But couldn't move
I tried to close my eyes
But they were stuck open, forcing me to watch
As lone bubbles escaped her mouth

I had been given this gift
To see beauty
True beauty
As it really was

And as I watched this woman drown
I drew out the glowing purple orb
The source of this gift
And threw it into the water
I couldn't take it any longer

Free again I ran
Away from the overwhelming waters
But the bubbles followed me
They started slowly
Only one or two a minute
Then they came more rapidly
Attacking me
And taking out my vision
Until my scared feet tripped

I watched from where I sat
Crouched into a ball upon the ground
As bubbles whirled around me
And images and voices soon joined the distress
As I was forced
Once again
To watch the beauties go around
And spread their infliction
And then at last
It forced me once again to watch the woman drown
And hear her pleading voice

I couldn't take it
Couldn't bear it
It had to end
I grasped my hands around my neck
Strongly taking out the air
Until the bubbles and all around went black
But I could never escape the voices

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