listen, it's for you

March 10, 2012
Give me a moment
To take this in
Breath it out
and start again
you deserve better than me
of this you'd agree
thas why i start again
to know uor fate must end
you say you couldn't care less
but each look at me, is pain in my chest
your glance says you don't know
and all i want is for you to go
i can't keep looking at you
or ill fall for you again
and what then?
our problems were my fault
theres only me to blame
with us, despair came
i gaurd you with hatred
when people voice theirs
and i will forever
until it tears
but why do i sit and write it out
dripping in doubt?
they are thoughts meant for you
but who will you listen to?
i forget the world around me breaths
as tht time goes by, i turn to leave
goodbye to you
goodbye to me
forever will it be

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