Pants, Sweet Pants

March 10, 2012
There’s a feeling in my loins that reminds me of home
As your seam rises ever higher while I walk.
With you wrapped round my thighs, my thoughts
Are spun into silk, and stitched together into pants for my mind.
And body and mind walk, together, panted.
For in you, I am safe from the cold.
I am protected from the harms of the world, assuming that
They are too dull to pierce denim.
You, sweet pants, think ne’er of yourself.
Though you may accrue stains and tatters,
You selflessly do your duty day in, day out.
Your pockets hold my dreams, O pants
And in you, I shall attain them.
In you, there are good times and in you,
The bad times seem better.
You are my cloth brother
You are my garment-lover.
The thought of stepping into you is why I step out of bed.
Though to the world, you are just two cloth cylinders bound together,
To me, you are velvet tunnels of pleasure and good feelings.
Sweet Pants, you have given the world to me.
And would that I could return the favor,
I would rip myself asunder
To be a pair of pants
For you.

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