This Place

February 28, 2012
By SkylaRaeven BRONZE, B.C, Other
SkylaRaeven BRONZE, B.C, Other
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In this place it all feels right
It all feels whole
But it all feels wrong
These walls they all cave in
In here I'm weak
But I stay strong
In this place all words cave in
You're like a poem
You're like a song
Trapped inside four walls
I stand up tall
As I fall down
In this place
It's like a trap
My mind is stuck
My head moves on
In here I feel surrounded
I feel my breath
Nothing at all
In this place
It's like I'm drowning
Inhaling steady
But breathing's wrong
In this place
I paint a picture
It tells our story
It tells it wrong
Blacks and whites
Such vivid colours
And when it's framed
I tear it down
Your picture gone
Forget another
Not for you
Not for me
Nor these four walls
I cannot see
Not for this breath
Not for that face
I'm too far out
I'm far too gone
Farewell to there
And to this place

The author's comments:
The moment
When you don't know what you want
But you want something
You want out

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