Yellow Brick Fate

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

The yellow brick walls hold in their oblivious arms the halls
That the new teacher with the mousy black hair clip clops down in her coral colored kitten heels
She overlooks the student the glassy stare because she is thinking about all the teenagers lives she is destined to change with her sing song voice and knowledge of Classical Literature
The student with china doll eyes looks down at her thighs that she imagines rub together to much as she takes forceful strides too burn a few extra calories
As she reaches the bathroom the girl with eyes like marbles peeks under her button down oxford to see the bumbling mass of fat spilling over the top of the plaid skirt that needs to be taken in
At the same moment a kind hearted Barbie doll of a girl looks with pity on the girl whose collar bones peek out as she steals a glimpse under her starch white uniform shirt
She wants to give her a hug or maybe just a milkshake but quickly remembers the life she has been appointed to live by the girls who have nothing on their minds but the rebellious news of who was taking off their lacy panties this weekend
She walks away on her Malibu Barbie toned legs and hopes that Glassy Eyes will maybe eat her scarce lunch today at the table she sits at alone
Barbie bumps into Plain Jane exiting the large oak doors in Main Hall where administration sits and sends bills and reminders to parents who have produced a degenerate generation
Plain Mary Jane just came from Classical Literature where she tuned out a woman who could only speak in inspiration quotes and forgot to mention Shakespeare and Homer
Little Mary looks at herself and her dewy brown Bambi eyes and smiles a smile that her mother gave to her because she appreciates the color the yellow bricks and shuffling of the shoes in the hallways that hold creatures cable of deciding their own fate yet surrendering the choice to others

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