Goodnight, summer.

February 27, 2012
By ColleenTabaka BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
ColleenTabaka BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Underneath the ink black sky I lie,
lazing on the creaking dock, trying to enjoy
the last night of freedom,
the last night of calm.

Waves lap onto the nearby shore as an
occasional boat drifts by.
The red Rudolf nose on the bow
shatters the thick darkness surrounding it.

The faint stench of the few unlucky fish,
rotting onshore, drifts towards us.
Up the hill, the cackle of drunken laughter
floats from the lakeside bar.

Looking up,
I see the moon—
a fingernail,
scraping the heavens.

I watch as a spider slaves away at its web,
And mysterious bubbles blew in the shadowy water.
I allow the rocking to lull me into a dreamy daze.

Goodnight, summer.

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