February 27, 2012

Crusted over the brim
Earth did bleed hot red blood
And ages after ages passed
Did drift off into the blue.

Choking gas the skies did make
And a sailor from today might not
Last so long.
Dizzy, dizzy,
The choking gas did smother him,
Until he too drifted off,
Back into the unstrung
But solid continent.

Drifting forward
And away
The conglomerate will flow apart
In time.
The sailor is a strand
Who witnesses and views
Without object
Because he
Ahead of his time
--his so distant place--
Is not yet used to the land
Of drift and pull
And toxic fumes
Which scale high the ranges
And cruise unannounced
The deserts.

Our sailor flies
Carried by breaths of hot
Triassic truth, which he does not
And never will understand.
But it happens.
Every night
The thoughts drift together
And without reason, sail apart.

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