Pure Euphoria

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

There we were,
so close to the stage,
so close to the man
we loved, admired,
hoping maybe just one
bead of sweat would grace our skin.

Being blissfully blinded
by the flashing lights.
The ear shattering bass
throbs through my chest.
Grasping onto every beat,
every word sang from his mouth.

Singing along terribly
to every word.
The stinging stench of alcohol
invades my nostrils.
High pitched screams
from girls’ mouths.

Every phone and camera
raised high,
hoping to catch just one glimpse
with that flash of light,
for this moment we longed for
would soon be gone in an instant.

The author's comments:
Concerts are my favorite thing ever. This concert was the best night of my life so far so I thought I would write about it!
By the way, it was Chris Brown. :P

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