Don't Want to be Alive

February 27, 2012
By PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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Take me off this earth
Don't you feel the vive
All i do is curse
So why should i be alive

Chop me down like a tree
And just let me timber
Theres one thing i don't want to be
And that is remembered

Take my life right now
While i'm standing still
I don't care how
F*** it give me the Emmitt Till

Feeling a little remorse
Please just drop it
Put me on life support
Then take the plug out the socket

Chop me up in parts
Make a scene
Cut out my heart
Make me scream

I hate it here
I hate this place
You don't need me here
I'm just a waste of space

Get out of bed
Don't you feel the vibe
Imma put your gun to my head
Cause i don't want to be alive

The author's comments:
Thats not how i really feel but i knew people who did feel this way, this is for those people, i love yall

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