She Who...

February 27, 2012
She who shines when it rains.
Who is rainbow sprinkles and pink.
Who knows her boundries,
but jumps right over them.
Who is hard candy with a soft center.
Who has a different personality
tucked in the pocket of her jeans each day-
Because she is not quite sure of herself.
Who isn't, but wants to be.
Who is, but would rather not be.
Who is defined by pills, cigarettes,
And whatever bottle of alcohol is in her hand.
...Who doesn't know if she could be anything else.
Who is never enough or too much.
Who wants everything for you,
but nothing for herself.
Who was whole before he took half.
Who is a late night bottle of vodka,
and a few dozen tears.
Who has the world at her fingertips,
but not quite in her grasp yet.

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