Save My Mind

February 27, 2012
You’re a cancer, I’m a cancer
Poetry’s a waste of time
Tie me up, lest I speak again
Kill me, and save minds

Keep my mouth shut, and you keep yours
And the machine will operate fine
Radicalism infects the best of men
Kill me, and save minds

I’m a fly in the ointment, I’m a wrench in the works
I’m a light in the dark in which the red tape lurks
I spend all of my time bending your twisted laws
You came and you conquered, but I know what I saw

Maybe what I’m doing is a horrid waste of time
Yeah, but I’d rather ad-lib than speak your trite lying lines
I’d rather be struck down; I’d rather crash and burn
Than be told the way my government works is “not my concern”

Because I am a gear that refuses to mesh
With the others who want nothing more than the best
You can’t live in exile if you don’t pay the rent
And not everyone can grow up to be president

Society revolves around pre-ordained roles
But changing your fate means selling your soul
You can’t rise to power unless you’ve been sent
And not everyone can grow up to be president

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