February 21, 2012
ANger and frUstraTIon
i just can't get it through her HEAD
PUnching and screaming
she just can't see how wrong he is
Crying and killing
she only smiles blindly at me

and she only smiles

and smiles

Black eyes and ripped hair
this anger rise up in me
cruel smiles and bloody fingers
i see a target right on his cold heart
temptation and wrenched thoughts
I watch him smile back with a smile



than mine

ANGER prisions me
FUSTRATION laughed at me
AND I SCREAMED and poured my AnGeR out

"scream!" My mind whispers


BUT NO MATTER WHAT she sided with HIM

SHE sided with the monster

THE monster that ruined

MY pitiful, broken life

WHY i should anger over this?

CLOSE enough as a sister

IS always a sister

NO ONE should feel the pain that he caused

NOT even HER

FUSTRATION, ANGer, scrEams, punCHes, cries, killiNg, blood, BLack eyes, brOken fingers, Broken DEad Hearts, cRUEl smiles, Brused sOles, and PAIN storms in my

IT pours on my MIND

WITHIN the lies

THAT I drown in

IT kills ME inside

CUZ thats what the monster does




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