Stupid Boy.

February 21, 2012
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You know what's sad?
After all the tears you made me cry
I'd still take you back in the blink of an eye.
It's never too late
You know I'll always take your bate
You can read me like a book
And you'll reel me back in like a fish on a hook.
But I guess that's the price that you have to pay
when you fall for a guy who never intended to stay.
Listen boy.
You think love is a game
And my heart is just a toy.

I've always tried to stay away from your kind.
A boy will get you no where
If he's always changing his mind.
I'd be better off moving on
And Leaving you behind.
But leaving doesn't do a thing
If you still have my heart hanging on a string.

Tell me something.
If I took you back,
Do you promise you wouldn't leave?
I've been pouring out my heart
I've been wearing it on my sleeve.
Tell me something.
Tell why this time I should believe.
How do I know it's not like the last times it's been done?
Cause I just can't afford to go through another one.

I can't help but wonder where and why our love went wrong.
Would it kill you to play along?
Act like you love me?
Pretend you need me?
Make believe you miss me ?

I've been trying to hold on for so long.
Everyone sees.
I'm tearing apart by the seems.
I'm only lying to myself.
By saying that I'm alright and giving up because you're just not worth the fight.
But I know that isn't right.
I know that's isn't true.
It's just right not lying to myself seems like the best thing to do.
I don't know what it is
But there's a part of me that still gets lost in you.

When I kiss him,
I wish it was you.
And I know he'll never dance the way you do. When he holds my hand
It doesn't feel right because I know the spaces between will never fit that tight.
I know it's wrong
And that I'm just dragging my heart along.
And I know I shouldn't miss you
But how can I not
When this feeling is so strong.
I should have known it all along.
Letting go could never be so simple.
Giving up could never be so easy.

Even though I've never been one to let my feelings show,
There's a part of me that can't let you go.
Maybe someday it could work out.
So I'll hold on.
With all the strength that I have.
Maybe someday it'll fall together instead of me falling apart.
So I'll hold on.
And pray one day, I'll get to your heart.

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