February 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Loving the fifteen year old
breaking the law
fighting his tears, unable to see his baby girl who is growing up without him

Wanting to do something right
knowing he was taking a risk when no other guy would
snitched out by a stranger, who doesn’t know the truth
who had no right to tell
for that he was forced out of his house
put behind bars

Counting the days until he’s able to hold his baby girl and the girl he loves
Fighting each day not to lose hope
calling his mother, who’s sad and wants her son back into hers arms
His father who’s sad and frustrated
his sisters, who want him back home

Each night he prays to god that he will soon be free

The author's comments:
My family and my brother are going through rough time with him in prison when he didn't nothing wrong except for loving a fifteen year old.

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