February 20, 2012
there is no air there

only thick tension

tension so thick

you could cut with no blade::

yet from the outside in

you would think

that a simple move of the hand

could wave it away::

but you do not sit there

where she sits

as a daughter

next to her father::

you do not feel the pressure

sitting on her shoulders

crushing her

that pressure she has felt so long::

she sits up straight

staring forward

at the traffic lights

breathing in smoke from her fathers cigar::

she preps herself

with a line of defence

she keeps her eyes open wide

to ward off tears made by her fathers smoke and lines::

he doesn't even care anymore

how she feels inside

he doesn't care if she hurts herself

it no longer interferes with his self pride::

she doesn’t care about his opinion anymore

once she’s 18 she’ll be gone

out of his life

for good::

moving far away she dreams

do it all on her own

no more of this smokey pressure filled tension

will she breath

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