The Foreign Truth

February 20, 2012
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I am not sure how it started
What put you over the edge
Your Lies are like a drug
Addicted to the substance
Your blood thrives for it
The poison of this drug
Now surrounds your heart
Your heart beats for it
The Truth has become foreign
Do you even know of it?
I see you
I know your weakness
Others have saw you
Almost took the drug away from you
But very quickly
You let it enter your system again
This Lying drug your lifeline
I can see it in your eyes
The Beast that has been born
Your lies have created a monster
Oh how it burns
For me to see you break
To watch the Beast released
To let everyone see who you really are
One day I will take away your drug
And watch you go mad
You'll want to kill me
I know this true
The Truth is your greatest fear
Pure words on your tongue
Is like burning acid
You cannot speak it
Because if the drug leaves your system
Your heart will stop
Your Lies no more.

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