shadow in the dark

February 20, 2012
By skybeauty GOLD, Granville, Illinois
skybeauty GOLD, Granville, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light" -helen keller

Life is like this,
it's a new beauty,
a wonderful view,
were just a little baby,
breathing in that fresh wild smell,
looking around this big world,
finally having a place,
somewhere you belong,
feeling the love from your mother,
getting taken care of by your father,
its all nice in the very begining,
then u grow older,
and older,
every single year,
now your in middle school,
a new change,
but also cruel,
your cool,
or your not,
popularity beats the out cast,
and now your emotions are on full blast,
get ready here comes highschool,
another four years of hell,
well only in the minds of some,
it can either be a great place,
or a living nightmare that never ends,
but i guess its what you make of it,
yet thats also not true,
what if your getting bullied,
or abused,
getting critizizted for who you are,
juged for who your not,
having to force that smile,
just to get through one day,
its the play that you cant shake,
yet it breaks,
if your thinking about commiting suicide,
your a coward,
so people say,
but they dont know your pain,
if you cut anywhere on your body,
your emo,
if you hear voices in your head,
your nothing but mental,
maybe sometimes you are all these things,
and maybe your not,
we can choose our paths,
but not every desision,
we cant always fix the unfixable,
its not possible,
this world you see is nothing perfect,
its kind of slowly fading,
like a shadow in the dark..

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