Her Body, Our Mind

February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

We have the same body

We look the same

Just except for the fact that I am a male on the inside

Where as she is female on the outside

 I talk and talk but will they ever truly understand it

I can't live as her

Because its not who I am

I am me, I am a boy

I am Spencer

 Autumn is a girl

She's like my twin sister

I'm her twin brother

Someone who was lost inside her for many silent and dark years 

But now I am slowly breaking free

And coming out into the light

It kills me to have her try and overshadow me

We share one body but different minds

We're the same person just a different gender

That is it all

We are still the same

I am her but she is not me

The author's comments:
I am going through some depression due to my gender identity issues and poetry is one of my escapes from it

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