There's No Selling Her Soul

February 20, 2012
By StrawberrySweetie SILVER, Hampton, Georgia
StrawberrySweetie SILVER, Hampton, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Don't drown in the depth of your insecurities, instead prosper in the maturities of your personality.

She was on to a new start
She had a change of heart
Maybe she would enroll back into Fort Valley?
That’s right! She would no longer lurk in another valley!
That life would be put behind her
This new job- was one she could adore
She dreamed of being a psychologist before
This was her time to pursue her dreams
These thoughts made her so happy -she could just scream
She had taken her life back
It was hers now- no more getting off track
No more lying on her back
Her old life- Go to hell! She decided to retire
This life was hers now- It would be something to admire
As the thought of marriage eases through her mind
She thinks of the abortions- two too many times
Thoughts of men bring her pain
Looking in her eyes you could see the rain
Tears are flowing down her cheeks filled with regret
As she reminisces of a past she could never forget
Stop it! Push those nightmares aside
Dream of happy thoughts and buckle in for the ride
She then dreams of a man who could love her
She just wants a man who could adore her
Love her to no end and hold her closely in his arms
Through the cold days he would be the one to keep her warm
When things get hot in the spot- he would still be there
She wants real love, but real love is very rare
He would suffocate her with his affection
He would make her feel like she’s perfection
An angel on Earth protected from impurities
This man- he would free her of insecurities
No, she was not looking for a fairytale
It didn’t have to be beauty- for she was no Belle
In all actuality she just wanted something… REAL

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