February 20, 2012
By Becky96 BRONZE, Hiram, Georgia
Becky96 BRONZE, Hiram, Georgia
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Teenage girl sick and in bed
Turning sixteen is always stuck in her head

She lays sad and shedding tears
Her world is consumed in life altering fears

Being diagnosed at thirteen had to be scary
Cancer is a big burden to carry

She will not let the fear of cancer strike her out
She's a true here, have no doubt

She knows that she is not promised another day
But she refuses to let the skies grey

She knows that her life is going to be tough
But she has God and He's enough

She's an inspiration to everyone she knows
The fear of cancer, she never shows

She lives her life day by day
All she's asking is for you to simply pray for Tay

The author's comments:
Taylor is a girl that has really inspired me. Softball used to be her life and one day at a tournament she fell ill. Her parents rushed her to the hospital and she received the bad news, the had cancer. Taylor was diagnosed with a forms of lung cancer known as advanced renal cell carcinoma papillary type two or RCC cancer. Taylor is the youngest person with this form of cancer. With Taylor being close to my age, she opened my eyes to see that it could be me. I am not promised another day and neither is Tay. When her sixteenth birthday was getting close she was glowing with happiness. Even though Taylor's life was full of pain, she still seemed to look on the bright side. Taylor has inspired me to never take anything for granted and no matter how hard life is, stay positive.

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