March 14, 2012
They talk.
Never quiet.

So insulting.
Critiquing everything I do.

Is there nothing I can say?
Nothing I can do?

To make them be quiet...
And let me have my peace.

I am a good kid.
Always have been.
Probably will always be.

I shed no tears for them.
The ones that try to quiet me.

They badger me.
Thinking they're better than me.

It hurts so much.
I am good to them.
But they hurt me.

Tell me I'm wrong.
That I need to change.

Why should I?
I don't want to change.

I'm successful enough at the moment.
I don't need to change.

I know what I'm going to to for the rest of my life.
And I'll love my job.
Unlike them.

I also have a fallback.

Do they?

I love myself.
They hate themselves and

I love you all.
Ignore they.

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