You & Me, Way Too Different

March 8, 2012
By AshleyMM BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
AshleyMM BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
" Appreciate life because it way too short"

You tried to cast a spell on me
It didn’t work.
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
words and expressions go right through me.
What doesn’t kill me, (Hugh?)
makes me stronger,
so go on,
keep on trying
because you’re just making me more
stronger and confident.
You try and fail,
while I,
do and succeed.
I’m here to win
but you on the other hand,
you’re here to lose.
I conquer,
you follow.
You see,
me and you
we are too different.
You are part,
and I am whole.
I plan to be remembered for
not temporary.
Laugh & joke all you want about me,
But when I’m your boss in twenty years,
I guarantee you I won’t have any sympathy
For a pathetic person like you.
Then, I will be the one laughing & joking, ha-ha.
Keep pushing all you want,
Just remember,
Karma is a,
Female dog, (and not a nice one).
We are just too different.
I will be remembered
You won’t,
I’m sorry,
I think,
No not really,
It’s just the truth,
So deal with it
& move on.

The author's comments:
I was just listening to music and the words inspired me to write this poem, I also put in some of the lyrics from many well-known songs but also added my own words. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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