Left to grieve

March 8, 2012
Words seem so weak
against this feeling inside me
It's like I'm lost
in an abyss of confusion
I wandered out too far
being led by a lie
and I lost the trail back
I cry out for help
but my echo is my only response
There's nothing to do
but think of you
and everything that you did
Your beautiful, venomous whispers
softly brush my ears
I cringe away from the memory
but it's too intense
to be ignored
Humiliation burns my face
and my blood is set on fire
You knew how vulnerable I was
But I don't hate you
I could never hate you
You broke me
and I fell from my cloud
landing on the cold floor
of reality
Dizzy and insecure
I walk around this foreign land
and I listen to the sobbing echo

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