I have to hide..

March 8, 2012
Are they here again?
They watch me from the shadows
They plan to attack
I don't know
soon though
But I'm ready
They try to trick me
but I'll beat them to the punch line
I'll laugh in their face
as I destroy their precious plan
as I rip back my sanity
Their twisted, morphed faces
so much uglier in true light
They wrap their lies around my ankles
my wrists
my mind
bounding me
They plan to take me away
I have no choice but to fight
Spitting fire at me
I shrink
I hide in the walls
observing from a distance
They can't catch me
in this broken house
with its cracked floors
and heavy air
No eyes live in the house
No eyes
Outside, yes, outside
is where they are
searching for the shadow
the escaped patient
with the scarred wrists
and dead eyes

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