forever more

March 10, 2012
By Anonymous

your kiss was gentle
your hands were warm
your breath on my neck
forever more

that all changed
you broke my heart
i missed your touch
and courage by night

but from somewhere i knew
my heart was meant broken
missing the sparkle in your eyes
my soul was gone

you begged for forgiveness
i had to think
but looking in your eyes
you were forgiven

we were together
my heart was stitched
your sparkle was back
my soul was not yet taken

the touch of your hands
the truth in your eyes
the warmth of your skin
your body by mine

you were always there
in the bad days to come
our hearts were together
and wont go apart

my heart was beating faster
my blood pounding in my head
images of the past flashed before me
as your body touched mine one last time

but i knew this couldn't last
so i let you go
watching the pain cloud your eyes
as i laid down to cry

days gone by slowly
till that one day
cuz that's when i saw you
staring at me that way

you walked toward me
you were still in pain
you looked into my eyes
as i looked away

my heart was pounding
i turned to run
you took my hand
and i fell in despair

but you were right there
to catch my fall
you dried my tears
and merrily stood before me

i said "i have to go"
you didn't stop me
so till this day, we are apart
forever more

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