Why Do They Hate Me?

March 9, 2012
Why does hate feel like bullets

Striking faster than a cobra on steroids

It breaks up your nerves

Leaving you sad and alone

You weep silently in a corner

Thinking why the world is so cruel

You ask everday what you did wrong

Why the world is refusing your happiness

And why you even breath on the god-forsaken planet

Then realization hits you

It's not what I did

It's what I haven't done

With a brave face you get up and go

You go to the ones that caused your sadness

The reasons for their smitefulness

When it has all been straightened out

It was a big misunderstanding

But if they still hold hate against you

You just realize you should move on

Or you can always try again....

"Life is full of confusion,
Don't let it get to you..."

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