March 9, 2012
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God I'm on my knees heavenly father I bet he looking down like pshh why bother
God I struggling
And Lord I'm getting tired of hustling
Everyday for a meal and a place to lay my head
I'm done with the sin I wanna be spirit led
Hey I know I not his best work
I was moulded from the ground after he cursed the dirt
I want to be wrapped up like Reynolds not Burt
And after all these years my heart hurts
I'm pleading to God can you help me now
I wonder if my words are just empty sounds
My next option is just go to hell
I might already be there it's just so hard to tell
And Lord if you hear this it is my cry
Please come and save me before I die
To you Lord I know I ain't worth much
I'm right where you want me in the devil's clutch
I'm asking you please to forgive me of my sins
It's just so much I don't where to begin
If you can give some water to quinch my thirst
And I swear to you God I will seek you first
I never meant to turn from your eyes
But your love has always been in disguise
I know you sent your only begotten son
To save a billion but can you save a billion and one
And this just might be asking for too much
But I want to feel your heavenly touch
I'm afraid I'm stll gonna be the same
My whole life is filled with guilt and shame
And it would be best for both of us if just I returned to the flame.

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