March 9, 2012
A bright child sits in his
Car seat and stares at the vibrant colors
Of autumn.
Confident in his knowledge,
He asks his Mother “what does yellow mean?”
Confused, wanting to say the correct answer,
Mother states “Silly, yellow doesn’t have a meaning.”
Bickering back and forth,
The three-year-old is frustrated and
Shouts at his mother “you know what yellow means!
It means SLOW DOWN!”

The same curly-haired boy never
Sits. He runs and jumps and breaks
Himself, but he doesn’t care;
Neither do his many friends who follow behind him.
He grows and matures – kind of.
Chasing after girls and impressing his friends
With his coolness, with his backwards Bass Pro Shop hat.
His life is perfect – never better.

In the peak of the boy’s teen years,
He has more friends than he can pay attention to.
He thinks he’s in love.
He goofs off and jokes around with her,
Be natural!
No tension sits between them while
He teaches her how to fish.

Impatience grows in the air while waiting
For Junior year to be over.
April is beaded in dew and
The boy and his best friend decide to go fishing
While making their way home to get their
Poles, they laugh and joke along the way and take the last curve and –
Boy walks towards a small light
And his best friend follows closely behind him as usual;
Welcomed into loving arms.

Sitting here, remembering that day he walked away,
I try so hard to keep my eyes close
But I look outside and

And I see the color yellow.

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