Vibrate Only

March 9, 2012
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Vibrate Only
An insatiable urge overcomes me.
It has been five minutes, I have to check.
Yo, dude want to hang out later?
As if crossing the street, I look to the left of the classroom, then to my right.
The coast is clear. Yeah! We should go see a movie later.

Another five minutes go by. BZZZZZZZ.
I act as if nothing happened. Once again I gaze over my surrounding.
This time I am in trouble. It's as if a fly buzzing around, is trying not to be caught,
ends up stuck in the cobweb of a malicious spider.
"Whoever that is, please turn off your phone."
Phew, that was a close call.

But, that narcotic urge still remains, slowly eating at my nerves.
I can't take it anymore. I whip out my phone inconspicuously,
checking the message. Idk dude... It's up to u.
Before there is even a slight chance to reply, the spider
is alerted of the fly's presence. If only I had waited a little bit longer,
but now, it is game over.

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