Something Like Someone

March 8, 2012
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I’ve always known something was out there,
Something cool,
Something dangerous,
Something happy,
Just something.
Something that hides under your bed until you fall asleep,
Then has parties in your brain.
Something that says “I love you”
When truly there is nothing to love,

Something that keeps your bed warm,
When you are away.
Something that holds you close,
And bids the storms away,

It took me a while to realize,
Until something was gone,
This something isn’t something at all.
Something can go away,
Something can stay near,

Something is good,
Something is grand,
Something is someone to hold your hand.

Not something,
Someone cool,
Someone happy.
Someone who scares the monsters away,
Someone who say “I love you”
Until the end of day.
Someone who keeps your bed warm,
When you are away.
Someone to hold you close,
and bid the storms away.
And I didn’t realize,
Until someone was gone,
This someone isn’t just someone at all,
This someone,
Is something like you.

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