To Be Perfect

March 8, 2012
By RiderWriterReader BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
RiderWriterReader BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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I am supposed to be humble
Accept whatever praise is deemed fit to give
And ask nothing in return

I am supposed to have humility
How many people my age know what that means?
How can someone have what they don’t know?

I am told to be respectful
Well, guess what?
Respect is a two f*cking way street.
Come at me, bro
And I’m coming straight back at you

I am reprimanded for “back-talking”
I do not believe the definition of back-talk
Is, “stating your opinion.”
Don’t believe me?
You would if you used a brain cell
Trust me
Yours are practically brand-new

I am insulted for not being cookie-cutter
I’m sorry that my voluptuous curves offend you
I’m sorry that because my thigh is three times bigger than your own
You decide to hate me
Whose fault is that?
The person being themselves?
Or the one judging them for it?

I am talked down to
My thoughts and ideas ridiculed at because I am not yet an adult
Who says adults are smarter than kids?
And those people you call “Political leaders”
Don’t exactly help your case

I am boasted to
Hun, I don’t really care if you did better than me on the test
Cuz guess who’s got the 4.0 GPA?
I’ll give you a hint
Not you, b*tch

I am stereotyped
Every single f*cking day of my life
I do not need your
“Constructive criticism”
To be myself

Or should I say
To be perfect?

The author's comments:
This poem was basically a rant, and felt amazing to finally be able to get off my chest. Also, sorry for the language. I tried to censor myself a little :)

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