Better Than You

March 12, 2012
By BeDifferent SILVER, Trevor, Wisconsin
BeDifferent SILVER, Trevor, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Live to love a smile:)

You don't act like yourself
Maybe like... Someone else?

As i stand tall
You can't help but fall.

For someone who doesn't care
You seem to be very scared.

I'm not the one holding you back from your dreams
You're just out of reach.

Blame me if you want
But you've got nothing to flaunt.

As I'm gaining power
Your still getting paid by the hour.

The author's comments:
Well I wrote this because I was made at someone. I turned that anger into my motivation to do better than that person and it is expressed in this poem. Just don't let people bring you down,be the bigger person and push forward with you life even if you have to leave them behind. Comment on any of my poems. I love feedback:)

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