My Monster

February 20, 2012
his warm fur coddles me as i sleep

he smells of wet dog and regurgitated stomach acid

yet it is a comforting stench

it lets me know he is near

i can’t live without him here

he growls in his sleep

when he dreams

of those nightmarish things

that hunt him in the streets

those flesh covered creatures

those humans like me

but they only see

his sharp, crooked, blood stained teeth

they don’t see the deep pain

in his charcoal eyes

oh how i love it when he looks upon me

as i part his chocolate fur

and on my knees

he shoves himself deep into me

his claws rip at my scalp

this is a pain i cherish

and it is a wondrous sound

of his respiratory system takes in the smell of my ruby blood

that matches with my vibrant flame hair to begin with

i like to think he appreciates me

he is my pretty beast

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